According to safety statistics, 90% of weather related accident don’t happen to instrument rated pilots.  Most incidents/accidents happen to pilots flying VFR who inadvertently encounter IFR conditions while trying to maintain VFR.

Getting your instrument rating not only will improve your flying skills and make you a safer pilot, it is actually one of the easiest rating to obtain and the next logical step after obtaining a private pilot certificate.  Some of the flight time you acquired getting your private can even count towards your Instrument Rating.

With an instrument rating you will be able to fly when the weather isn’t bright and sunny.  It will also give you confidence to know you can handle weather changes that can happen in flight.  Also, if you own your own aircraft, it may lower your insurance costs.

The prerequisites for your instrument rating check ride:

  • Pass a knowledge exam just like you did with the you private pilot’s license.  There are great courses available online that make this easy.
  • Have 50 hour of cross country time (some which you already have)
  • 40  hours of simulated or actual instrument time, which can be part of the cross country time of which 15 hour must be with a CFII


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