For those of you like me, who wanted to pursue flying as a career, you will need to obtain your commercial pilots certificate.  Right now there is a very high demand for professional pilots in all fields of commercial flying.  From the local level to worldwide flying, pilots are in serious demand.  With your commercial and as little as 250-500 hours of flight time, you can find a good starting position.  Within a year or two you could be flying jets at a regional carrier.

Commercial Check Ride Prerequisites:

Pass a knowledge exam just like you did for the private and instrument

  • Have a total for 250 hours of flight time with      
  • 100 hours of PIC time
  • 50 hours of cross country time
  • 20 hours of dual instruction on commercial pilot subject matter      
  • 10 hours of instrument training (which you probably have by now)
  • 10 hours in an “complex aircraft” (retractable gear and constant speed prop)
  • Obtain a 2nd Class FAA Physical Exam

During your training FLYSWFL can offer information on career paths by people who have done what you are trying to do.  We have people who combined, have spent over 60 years in the airline industry and know it inside out.  We have helped dozens of people obtain jobs at Delta, Southwest, United and numerous commuter airlines.


We’re easy to get ahold of. Just give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to seeing you reach your goals and being there for support every step of the way.


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